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Over twenty years of doing NAV and now BC, I have a few ideas - Whether they are any good, is up to You

I Am Almost Famous

Dynamics CornerI had the pleasure and honor of being invited to join Kris and Brad on their Dynamics Corner. We talked Tesla, NAV and Business Central - and about being a dinosaur, that believes that Just because You can, doesn’t mean you should! Read more about this episode on the Dynamics Corner Website or watch the episode here: People Mentioned Kristoffer Ruyeras Co-Host of Dynamics Corner Podcast Brad Co-Host of Dynamics Corner Podcast

I Am Presenting a Webinar

It started with a tweetAt the end of March I finally convinced myself, that I DO have some things to share for the Developers in our little world. I submitted a session for BcTechDays. as of today, I do not know if our session have been accepted or not, but no matter not, I will be in Antwerp. With a little bit of butterflies in my stomach, I finally submitted a session for @BCTechDays.

Performance vs User-Experience

Perception is RealityAs a Magic Lover and member of the World-Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, I have taken some classes in the art of conjuring. In Magic we often rely on the fact, that Perception is Reality. That is - If People perceive a fact, then it must be so! The same is true when it comes to users using NAV or Business Central! Over the years, I have often heard people complaining about slow systems, and while in many cases, there are low hanging fruits that can resolve the issues, there are also often times a different approach to the whole thing: Change the User Experience!

Clean Code

Why is Clean Code and Standards Important?In the last few years, I have spoken with developers that are new to BC. A lot of them have done lots of dotnet. Most of them all look at me confused when I talk to them about Development Standards - Especially when it comes to Variable Naming etc. I likewise look baffled when they don’t understand the importance of this. To me, the most important reason is: