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Long time listener, First time caller ...

At the end of March I finally convinced myself, that I DO have some things to share for the Developers in our little world. I submitted a session for BcTechDays. as of today, I do not know if our session have been accepted or not, but no matter not, I will be in Antwerp.

Shortly after I announced on twitter that I had submitted a session, the guys at Areopa reached out to me, and asked me if I would be willing to share a few nuggest in their webinar series. Having watched quite a few of their sessions, I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I agreed. As someone with over 20 years in this world, it really is time for me to step up and share more of my knowledge.

Give the user a chance

When: Tuesday, May 24 2022 at 7am (Pacific time) | 16:00 (Central European time).

Where: Online Webinar.

As a Developer it can be difficult to know how a user may interact with your new feature. Many times, development works “when I try”, but with a slight difference in data or flow, and things can look a lot different.

Business Central have different ways You, as a developer, can help your users; Visual indicators, error messages and standards are all things that You should take into account, when building apps for Business Central.

Presenter: Henrik Helgesen

Moderator: Luc van Vugt

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